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  • 10 SUPPORTING Tips to Improve Mental Health
    First, let's normalize stress. Your levels of stress will vary throughout the day. It is what it is. You are responsible for taking charge of your wellness and mental health. Holding Read more
  • Signs of a Healthy Love Life
    As a counselor in Glendora I get to help people heal their love lives daily. Everybody wants a healthy love life. Being able to feel safe and connected to another Read more
  • Sex and Love Addiction in Glendora
    Does it seem like sex addiction and love addiction have become two new buzzwords? There is a lot of misinformation out there about sex addiction, and love addiction.  Sex addiction is Read more
  • Is my boyfriend a sex addict?
    Sex addiction is largely seen in our society as either a joke, a way to excuse bad behavior, or something developed by prudes who are fearful of sex.  True sex addiction Read more
  • How to find a therapist in Glendora: Navigating uncharted territory
    Therapists can sometimes forget how incredibly complex the process of entering counseling can be for people. Our days are spent learning about the different options, getting to know therapists deeply Read more