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10 SUPPORTING Tips to Improve Mental Health


First, let's normalize stress. Your levels of stress will vary throughout the day. It is what it is.

You are responsible for taking charge of your wellness and mental health. Holding yourself accountable will help you manage stressors as they arise and cope in a healthy manner.

Feel free to use all these tips, or pick the one that fits you the best. Here we go:

S - Slow down, Self-care, and Self- nurture. Try nurturing in the morning and unwind at night. Common ways to do so are by getting enough sleep, eating well, hydrating, connecting with meaningful people, playing, journaling, and meditating.

U - Understand your needs in the moment. Be in touch with what you uncover and use it to communicate your wants and needs, or the opposite, which is also helpful to know.

P - Practice a Pleasant attitude. It gives you permission to be yourself and helps you to pivot away from pessimism. This is not pretending or faking how you feel or suppressing your true emotions. Stay calm, and respond rather than react to situations.

P - Pause (for 3 seconds) and breathe. Try it (right now) and repeat as needed until you feel relief, slowly inhale through your nose, hold it for 4 seconds, and exhale through your mouth. This can help you reset. It's a moment to ward off the overwhelm in a supportive manner.

O- What is your go-to physical Outlet? How do you like to "shake it off"? Doing so releases tension and balances you out. Stretching, dancing, jogging, running, jumping in place, kickboxing, yoga. Find a way to move your body and engage in activities that matter to you.

R - Rest and Recharge. There is a purpose in a conscious time-out. Do so without guilt and slowly pace yourself back into your day.

T - Treat yourself and keep it simple. You don't need justification. Go for it. Sip your coffee, wear your favorite clothing, play your favorite song, and enjoy. The thought of it feels good already.

I - Set the Intention. How do you want your day to go? What do you want to get out of your day? Go with that.

N - Notice what you're feeling in your body. What is it telling you? Is your heart rate up? Do you feel discomfort somewhere? This awareness helps to deepen your connection to your body.

G - Who or what are you Grateful for, in this moment? What a gift to identify, express and enjoy more of what you already have.

The more you practice and get familiar with these tips, the easier it will to access them when you need them.

For support or to help you process further, feel free to reach me at 626-463-1422. Take good gentle care as you learn to discipline yourself to healthier coping and improve your mental health.