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Sex and Love Addiction in Glendora


Does it seem like sex addiction and love addiction have become two new buzzwords? There is a lot of misinformation out there about sex addiction, and love addiction. 

Sex addiction is not just liking sex!

When people talk about sex addiction, they often make jokes about this being the "best addiction." People who truly have a sex addiction can find that they lose their ability to have a healthy, functioning relationship, lose their ability to enjoy great sex, and in some cases lose jobs, spouses, and thousands of dollars. 

True sex addiction is a true struggle and can negatively impact every area of a person's life. 

Love addiction is not just being addicted to love

Love addiction is not just liking the feeling of being in love or in a relationship, it is much more complex. People who struggle with love addiction often have unhealed experiences from their childhood that leave them feeling vulnerable, lonely, and abandoned. It isn't uncommon for someone to question if they are a love addict if they have a history of dropping everyone and everything in their lives in an effort to keep their relationship from ending. 

This can also lead to broken friendships, lost jobs, insecurity, and ending of what could be very successful relationships. Healthy partners of love addicts often feel extremely overwhelmed by the pressure they feel when dating a love addict. 

Sex and love are meant to be beautiful, enjoyable parts of our lives

Sex and love are both pleasurable. They help us feel connected to our partners, and are the basis with which we build relationships, marriages, families, etc. If your relationship to sex or love feel out of balance, if you are questioning whether you might have an addiction- get some support.

Whether you do or do not have an addiction, getting to the bottom of what might be keeping you from having a healthy, loving relationship can help you have a happier life! And who doesn't want that? 

I hope this helps you define sex addiction and love addiction. If you have questions specific to your situation, feel free to give me a call at 626-463-1422 for your free 15 minute phone consultation.