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How to find a therapist in Glendora: Navigating uncharted territory


Therapists can sometimes forget how incredibly complex the process of entering counseling can be for people. Our days are spent learning about the different options, getting to know therapists deeply so we understand their personality, and helping match people up with the best therapists.

Wait… you match people up with the right therapist? Are you a therapy referral service in Glendora?

No, I’m not a referral service. However, a great therapist is simply focused on connecting you with the best path to get you where you want to go. That means during an initial consultation, they are exploring your goals, your personality, and helping you determine a next step. And yes, sometimes that means that they may be simply connecting you with someone else.

People are used to calling up a business and feeling like that person is just trying to convince them to come in. Counseling doesn’t work like that. It is a very individualized experience.  After years of working with people, I’ve learned to better determine quickly who I can help and who I can’t.

Steps to finding an awesome therapist:

1. Read their website. Many great therapists (not all), attempt to clarify on their website what they are most passionate about, and who they are most prepared to help. Does that mean if they don’t list the specific issue I need help with, that they can’t help me? No, not necessarily. Therapists are trained to work with anything that might walk in the door.

When you find someone you “click with” it is fantastic when it is clear that they can help with your specific issue. If you feel a connection with a particular therapist after reading their website based on their writing style, picture, etc., but they don’t specifically list what you need- give them a call. Worst case scenario you will speak with someone you trust and connect with who help direct you to the right person.

2. Write down all of your questions. Don’t be shy. We are prepared for you to have a lot of questions. In fact, there are several questions I volunteer the answers to during a consultation-even if you don’t ask. Why? Because these are common questions that I’ve found most people have, but they won’t ask. I totally get it! Your mind goes blank in the moment, you meant to ask, etc.

3. Be prepared to leave a voicemail. Most therapists are one person operations. It isn’t because they can’t hire a receptionist, often it is because they want to talk to you personally before you come in to make sure it is a good match. They don’t, and I don’t, want you wasting your time going to an appointment if we could have figured out in a 15 minute conversation on the phone that there was a better next step.

4. Don’t panic if they pick up the phone.  You may be calling their office directly or cell phone.  In my case I have a confidential messaging center that I check on a daily basis and return calls within 24 hours.  The point is to get a timely call back and response to your questions.  

5. Trust your gut. If you line up 3 great therapists, but you only really “click” with one- that is probably the one you should work with. Therapy with someone who you don’t trust or feel comfortable with can be unnecessarily terrifying!

I hope this helps you find the right therapist for you. My specialty is working with women who are struggling to have a healthy love life. That means I deal with break-ups, rocky relationships, determining why your relationships keep failing, and all the things that most women in their twenties, thirties, and forties experience.

I’m also a specialist in working with people who have questions surrounding sex addiction. Wondering if your boyfriend is addicted to porn? Trying to figure out if someone is a cheater or a sex addict? Wondering if your porn habit is just a hobby or something more problematic? I’ve got extensive training and hard to get certification that gives me expertise in this area.

Have additional questions, or want to see if we click? Give me a call at (626) 463-1422 and I will help you find the right counselor in Glendora, CA, even if it isn’t me.